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Lambay Single Malt Gift Bundle


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This is the perfect Gift Bundle for the season ahead!

What's Included?: 1 x 70cl Lambay Single Malt Batch 01 and 1x Lambay Whiskey Glass.

You select the option of either socks or hipflask for your basket and then simply check out!

Lambay Single Malt - Batch 01 release, is the first from our 3 part Reserve Cask Series, with Batch 02 arriving in 2023. That means this bottling is limited edition and perfect for the keen whiskey collector to own!

An award winning single malt triple distilled, matured in bourbon barrels and finished with a pleasant cognac-cask finish.

Lambay Island’s Trinity Well water is also used to craft this Irish whiskey making it as unique as the island itself. 

All items will be shipped together. 

Non-chill filtered | 43% ABV/ Vol. 

    • Lambay Single Malt is wholly finished in hand-selected French oak cognac casks.
    • Craft is key with our Lambay Single Malt as our selected casks are placed on Lambay Island to mature. This brings unique maritime notes of sea salt and iodine to these casks exposed to the fresh sea air.
    • Batch 01 contains a higher percentage of island matured Lambay Single Malt delivering a more intense salty note on the palette.
    • This Single Malt consists of both first fill and second fill cognac cask finishing to deliver a more intense mouthfeel of spice, tobacco, and pepper on the palette.
    • Blended with Single Malt from our Island warehouse, the whiskey has soft smoky attributes with slight salinity and a dry lingering finish that balances the rich oak and herb note.


  • COLOUR: Oak Brown
  • AROMA: Oak, Light Smoke, Herb and Tobacco
  • TASTE: Rich mouthfeel with hints of oak and tobacco, developing into spice like black pepper, with salt and very light smoky notes
  • FINISH: Rich oak and pepper with lingering herbal notes and salt