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    Unlock the Untold with our luxurious limited-edition triple distilled 20-year-old Lambay Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

    This superior aged distillate has been carefully aged in bourbon barrels for 18 years, before finishing in French oak Camus Cognac casks laid down on Lambay and under the watchful eye of Lambay’s Master Blender, Yonael Bernard. Water from Lambay's Trinity Well spring is added before bottling. This 20 year old single malt is a prestigious bottle of Irish Whiskey.  

    Combined with our process, absorbing the finest elements of our pure maritime climate, and careful to not over-saturate this fragile liquid with too much saltiness from the sea air, the art of our maturation ensures that the cask does not overpower the spirit but rather gently enhance it, acquiring a finesse in the final balance and taste. Presenting a truly unique taste journeyexplains Bernard.

    Be one of the lucky few to Unlock the Untold, with your very own QR code, a digital key that opens the secrets of the prestige, craft and story of this wonderful whiskey on our micro-site.

    Bottled at 43 % abv and non-chill filtered, this collection is numbered 0001- 8,000 bottles.

    Tasting notes:

    Nose: Warm vanilla, smooth oak, mature plums, green apples, hints of Iodine, and lingering rancio. Aromatic yet gentle and pleasant, the maritime influence of salt and iodine is present, with rich vanilla, rancio, and a hint of spice and green fruits.

    Taste: Exotic spices such as Saffron, Ginger, and pepper, with sweet pastry-like notes of almond, honey, and nuts (walnuts).  A whiskey that reflects our true maritime influence, iodine, and salt with a smooth and pleasant full mouthfeel. Plum & Apple fruit is well balanced with this cognac-cask finish, lingering spice notes of ginger create a long finish of green fruits & spice.

    Finish: Explosive long-lasting rancio fruit balanced with salt, pepper, and an elegant smooth lingering long finish. Long-lasting sweetness with a good balance of oak and salt, a lingering mouthfeel yet elegant in the finish with hints of honey and ginger.

    Recommended Serve: A whiskey such as this with its full lingering mouthfeel, salinity, and smooth rich fruits, has its own complexity and would not require strong flavours to accompany it. Best enjoyed as a digestif served with lightly whipped Crème Brulé or simply served neat with a drop of water on the side.

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